Becoming Kosher and Orthodox in Budapest and NYC

…And just like that, Budapest is past


We left Budapest this past Friday, July 30, and got “home” to New York that afternoon.  Now, as I write this on Wednesday morning, August 4, we are mostly unpacked, but still have a lot to do. We have not even given thought as to how and when to Kasher our New York City apartment. In Budapest, it took D. 5 days of heroic work to Kasher everything. It will take at least that long here, if not longer. But we will start. We are now looking to “interview” Rabbis in the area to see about D.’s conversion. More to come about that soon. But it is great to be back home, and to feel secure and comfortable. Even our dog C. loves it here! New sights, smells, and TONS of other dogs to sniff!

Things we will miss about Budapest:

-The city itself. Beautiful architecture and topology. Old and new mixed together in the neighborhoods, the houses and buildings, and the Squares.

-The trams, and the public transportation system in general: clean, fast, efficient.

-The people: MOSTLY nice and friendly; and they like and respect Americans

-The Danube –  it is beautiful, and flowing past the magnificent Parliament building is our favorite view.

Things we will NOT miss about Budapest:

-Above all, the poverty. People eating out of garbage cans; people sleeping in the streets; the beggars;  the hustlers; the prostitutes, some maybe as young as 14.

-The bars opening at 9am, and people waiting for them at 8:30am.

– The people: many of them are not very “socialized”-spitting in the streets; grumbling, cursing, aggressive.

-The political situation: The far-right party holds 18% of the Parliament. They campaigned against “foreign influences” and there were posters “Do you want to live in Judapest? The “moderate” right-wing party holds 52%. There is extreme bias towards Gypsies. Sound familiar?????

-The drunks

-The almost constant sirens of ambulances and/or maybe police cars.

-The pollution

-The lack of Kosher stores: only one Kosher butcher, and only one Kosher grocery store.

We now turn the page and the next posting will talk about New York, and becoming Kosher and Orthodox here.