Becoming Kosher and Orthodox in Budapest and NYC

What does it mean to Observe the Sabbath?
2010/06/18, 7:52 am
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Mike’s comment  to the blog yesterday caused a lot of discussion and questioning in this Budapest household of ours. In particular, D. had some pretty strong feelings and questions about being Shomer Shabbos and focusing on resting, study, and God.

-If we are commanded to honor and keep the Shabbat holy, should we really be looking for work-arounds and conveniences to make ourselves more comfortable?

-Are we being too clever, trying to “bend” the Law in order to make it easier to be Observant?

-Can’t people go 25 hours without a warm/hot meal? Cereal/fruit for breakfast; salad/sandwiches for lunch, etc?

-Women too, are commanded to rest on Shabbat; why must they still be expected to provide hot meals for the men?

-Is putting on the lights/stove/TV/Computer, etc.  on before Shabbat in order to make use of those appliances during Shabbat, cheating?

If, as in so many other areas of Judaism, these choices are left up to the individual, where does the Spiritual guidance come from, to help us decide the best way to keep Shabbat and to get closer to God?

Is the answer in all the hundreds (thousands?) of Talmudic arguments, logic, discussions, by all those wise Rabbis and Teachers?

Or is the answer very plain in Exodus Chapter 20, Verse 8: “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy”? It seems that’s easy enough to do without resorting to gimmicks. What do you think?

Well, it’s 8am Friday here in Budapest. we are going to start shopping and preparation for the Shabbat. Can’t wait! D. and I wish all readers a joyous, restful and holy Shabbat!


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